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Welcome to Reception


Our Reception class is taught as a single age class.  Mrs Greenhalgh is the class teacher and is supported by Mrs Cleeton, one of our experienced teaching assistants. The classroom and outside areas are vibrant and stimulating, with a mix of focused and open-ended challenges provided across each of the Foundation Stage areas of learning.  These areas are used continually, allowing children free flow access throughout the day.


Children in Reception learn through a combination of taught sessions, adult guided groups, and their own self-initiated activities during 'independent learning' time. Activities and resources are carefully planned and regularly changed to ensure they match the children's learning needs and 'next steps'. Children have the opportunity to write daily, access mathematical resources, and construct using  large and small construction materials.  They can use malleable materials such as sand, water and clay, and access a range of resources in the creative and painting areas.  Many children enjoy exploring the role play area, which regularly changes according to the themes covered in class, and is often planned and built by the children themselves! On  a weekly basis Reception children experience an outdoor learning session where, amongst other things, they access our 'mud kitchen', garden and wildlife area.


Welcome to Reception 2021-2022

Our Visit To See The Lambs at Moreton Morrell Collage Farm.

Whist learning about farms during the spring term, we were invited to Moreton Morrell Collage Farm to see the new born lambs and cows. We had a great day. 



It was a misty cold morning, but we put on our coats, wellington boots and high - visibility jackets and walked all the way from school, across the fields to the farm. It seemed a very long way and by the time we got there, we were all ready for a short rest and a snack.

The first thing we saw at the farm was the cows. We learnt that the cows were fed on a special food made from grain and straw. The cows were very interested in us and were so friendly some of us got to stroke them. 

We then got to see the baby lambs. Some of the lambs had been put in a special pen because their mothers were unable to feed them.  We were lucky enough to get to hold them and some of us even got to feed them with special milk from a bottle.

We got to see the big farm machinery and were very excited when we got to sit in the tractor. The wheels of the tractor were so big, much bigger than some of us.

After a great morning at the farm, we headed to the park where we had our picnic lunch. After lunch we had a little play in the park and by this time the sun had started to shine.

We all had a really amazing day.

The Discovery of a Dragons Egg.

This week the children in Reception discovered a large golden egg, hidden amongst the dressing up clothes in the role play area of our classroom. After much excitement  and discussion we came to the conclusion that the egg must be a dragon's egg. We decided that we needed to make a nest for the egg and keep it safe until it hatches.  We thought carefully about what we should do to look after it. We said that the egg needed to be kept warm, so we placed it by the heater. We also thought the egg needed to know it was safe so, we thought it would be a good idea to read it stories and talk to it so it knew it was being cared for properly. We all had a lot of fun using our imagination thinking about how the egg got into our classroom. 

Our Dragons Egg

Tell Me a  Dragon

We read the story 'Tell me a Dragon' by Jackie Morris and thought about all the different types of dragons that could hatch from the egg. Some of us thought it could be a Snow Dragon, others thought it could be a Fire Breathing Dragon. We also had the idea that the Dragon may be really tiny or that it could swim under water and breath bubbles instead of fire. We really used our imagination and then painted pictures of what our class dragon might look like.

We used our colour mixing skills to make secondary colours  by mixing two two primary colours together.


At Woodland school we decided to make dragon nests, just in case the dragon came back this weekend to lay another egg. We collected sticks, leaves and mosses and works with a friend to build the nests.

Making Christmas Tree Biscuits

We used our weighing skills to measure out the ingredients to make Christmas tree biscuits. We decorated our biscuits using green icing and sweets.

Making Christingles With Reverend Lilley

We celebrated advent by making Christingles.  Reverend Lilley came in to talk to us about Christingles, what they symbolise and why the are important to Christians. She told us that the orange represents the world, the candle which is pushed into the centre of the orange when lit, represents Jesus the light of the world. The four cocktail sticks which are skewered with sweets represents the four season and the fruits of the Earth and the red ribbon wrapped around the middle of the orange symbolises the blood of Christ.

Welcome to Reception Class of 2020-2021

African Art

During our topic on Africa we explored different ways of making African art.  We had a go at tie dying some white t-shirts. We used elastic bands to create a bulls-eye pattern, then squirted each section with a different coloured dye. It was quite messy dying the white shirts but we all had fun.  We were all really pleased with the results.

Making Gingerbread Men.

After reading the story about 'The Gingerbread Man' we had fun making our own gingerbread men.  We used our maths skills to weigh out the ingredients and then made different sized gingerbread men.  We ordered  our gingerbread men in size from smallest to biggest.  We added jelly tot eyes and buttons. We tried to make repeated patterns using the jelly tots.

Collage Owls
This week we have been focusing on the story 'The Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson. We created our own collage owl babies.  We used different textures of wallpaper to create their heads and bodies. We embellished our artwork with feathers.

Play Dough Owl Babies

During our independent learning time some of us created owl babies using playdough.

Understanding the World


In science we have been looking at Autumn weather, in particularly the wind. We wanted to find out which objects could be moved by the wind.  We recreated the wind by blowing on each object and watching to see if it moved.  We found out that a feather would be moved by the wind but a stone would not. We talked about the difference between heavy and light objects being moved by the wind.
Christmas Cards From Reception

To everybody at Moreton Morrell Primary School.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Santa brings you lots of presents.

Lots of love.

From Reception.

This week in Reception we have been looking at the season of Autumn.  We have taken a close look at the changes that occur in trees during the season of Autumn.  We concentrated on the colours you find in the environment at this time of year and used our knowledge to create some amazing art work. 
We made some curly caterpillars to help us remember the phonic sound C
Enjoying independent learning in the outside area.
Planting Bulbs at Woodland School.

We Will Remember Them

We will remember them...

The children in Reception have been busy painting poppy picture as part of our Remembrance Service. The children took part in the whole school two minute silence at 11am on Wednesday 11th November. We are very proud of all the pupils. 

Poppy Pictures

Learning Phonics

Creative activities to help consolidate phonics learning

Look how busy we have been...

Message to Reception 

Summer Home Learning Plan

Wild Challenges 

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Book of the week - A Place for Pluto

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Space Music 

Opening Theme C by Kevin Macleod

NASA SLS test fire audio

Message from Miss James - Week 11

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Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 9)

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Week 7 Message from Miss James

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We all miss our friends at school at the moment.
So let's show them we are thinking of them even though we aren't together.
And look forward to the times when we will see them again.
Keep smiling!
Miss James

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon

Message from Mrs Eadon (Week 7)

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Mrs Eadon's Bear Video

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Week 7 & 8 Home Learning Plan

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Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon

Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 6)

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Week 6 Home Learning Video Tutorials 

Week 5 message from Miss James

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Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 5)

Message from Mrs Eadon Week 5

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Week 5 & 6 - Home School Learning Plan

Week 4 message from Miss James

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Hi Reception,
Hope you all had a lovely Easter!
This weeks story time introduces us to our new 'Life Cycle' topic for this term.
The next 2 weeks we will be covering the life cycle of a chicken.
Hope you enjoy the topic as much as I do!
Keep smiling,
Miss James

Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 4)

Message from Mrs Eadon Week 4

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Thank you NHS - Small.MOV

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Little Acts of Kindness from the Foxwell Family. Jess and Sebastian were pupils at Moreton Morrell School. 

Week 3 message from Miss James

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Happy Friday Reception! I hope you have all had a good week and are looking forward to the Easter weekend. This week's story time we are thinking about family and appreciating the time we get to spend with our loved ones at the moment. What small act of kindness could you do to show your family how much you appreciate them?
Keep smiling!
Miss James

Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 3)

Celebrating Difference

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Home Learning activities - Week 3 & 4 (starting 6.04.20)

Week 2 message from Miss James

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Hope you have all had a lovely week, miss seeing you all everyday but looking forward to seeing some of your pictures from this weeks activities.
Keep smiling!
Miss James x

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 2)

Rainbow Theme

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Message from Miss James Week 1

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Message from Mrs Eadon

A special message to all our wonderful pupils from Mrs Eadon

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Daily News - Friday 27th March

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60 seconds news update from around the world for children

Home learning activities - Week 1 & 2 (starting 23/03/20)

Book of the Week - The Pig In The Pond (23/03/20)

Our book of the week to support this terms topic 'Spring on the Farm'.

Farmer Duck - Book of the week 16/03/20

Our book of the week to support this terms topic 'Spring on the Farm'.

African Dance

Spring Term


Ironically, the beginning of our Spring term brought with it some wintry weather! This inspired a lot of learning about materials such as ice, cornflour and papier mache, and how they change or can be used. We have been doing some practical adding and subtraction in maths, and have learned lots of facts about space! We invented our own alien characters and wrote about them. We have been very lucky to receive lots of visitors this term too. We learned about colours and feelings, and how to express them through dance, with Wriggle Dance Theatre. We have also been talking to different people who help us through the jobs they do, including our very own Lollipop Man, Mr Cleeton, and a very friendly guide dog called Dexter.


We have given you just a small taster of all our learning so far this term in the photo gallery below.

Whole-school literacy: 'Journey' by Aaron Becker


As part of a whole-school literacy initiative, we have immersed ourselves in this wonderful, wordless book. We have completed a range of work around the story, including sequencing the main events, drawing pictures and writing sentences.


As a class, we learned how to use exciting language to orally tell a story. We created this fantastic recording, in which you will hear each child in our class tell a different part of the story in their own words. We hope you enjoy it!


Reception at Moreton Morrell add words to the picture book, 'Journey', by Aaron Becker

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Reception Curriculum Map Spring 2017

Reception Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2016

Reception Curriculum Map Summer 2016

Reception Curriculum Map Spring 2016