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Merry Christmas from G4

G4 Bulletin.


Our learning journey continues in G4. We have produced come wonderful work in relation to our author study of Sir Terry Pratchett. In Geography we are studying Natural Disasters, recently we have been looking at the effect of the 1995 volcano on the island of Montserrat in the West Indies.


In History, we continue to study the Roman occupation of Britain - including looking at the Roman army and the uprising from Boudicca and her Iceni tribe. We are going to be learning some Latin and forming our own Roman cohort in the coming weeks - just in case we need to defend from any rogue tribes!


Well done everyone, keep up the hard work and amazing learning. You have adapted so well to the changes in routines!


All the best,


Mr Gimes



Terry Pratchett - Truckers

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse


Morning everyone,


As our brains are warming up ready for the return to school mine is too and I completely got the weeks mixed up! We do not have Onside this afternoon so please wear your school uniform today.


I will confirm for next week for you, my sincere apologies for any worry or inconvenience caused.


See you soon,


Mr Gimes



Good evening everyone!


I hope that you have had a relaxing summer holiday and are ready to get back to our learning journey. I have been in school today making the final preparations for our return tomorrow. As such, I wanted to share some images of the classroom and the displays so that you know what to expect in the morning!


I am really looking forward to welcoming you all back in bright and early to continue our learning together, there are some exciting topics coming up but I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 


Remember it is Wednesday so you should come into school in your PE kit ready for Onside in the afternoon.


Get some sleep tonight; we will need all our energy tomorrow!


All the best,


Mr Gimes

Ready and waiting for you to return...

Message to Year 6 re: Leavers’ Songs

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Afternoon Year 6,

Have a watch of the video and send me your entries for the Leavers’ Songs. I am really looking forward to receiving your versions of famous songs. They can be rock, pop, classical or anything you wish to have a go at!!

All the best,

Mr Gimes

Daily 24 22.06.20

Congratulations to the crew of SpaceX Dragon Endeavour!


Huge congratulations to the crew of the SpaceX Dragon Endeavour's mission to the International Space station. On Sunday afternoon (GMT) astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken docked with the ISS and completed a historic mission, the first from american soil in 9 years.


This goes to show the limitless potential of working together and believing in yourself, both as an individual and as one of the many team members working tirelessly in the background. The main lesson here is; we can do anything!


Follow this link to read the story in full; 





Formal letter writing SC

Daily 24 27.05.20

Daily 24 25.05.20

Daily 24 21.05.20

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon

Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 9)

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Daily 24 15.05.20

Day 8 GPS

From the temporary desk of Mr Gimes (in lockdown)

Dear Year 6,


Well, who would have called this? Here we are on the week we were preparing for! But do you know what, you don’t need SATs to show how amazing you are. I have seen every single one of you smash targets, both academic and personal, time and time again and that’s what matters, never give up, never give in – something we are all practicing at the moment.


Recently, you have faced more challenging times and are living through history. Your Year 6, while slightly different, will be remembered as will your perseverance, patience and determination for years to come. SATs, though important, are just a snapshot of what you can do in some areas and as your teacher I have had the honour of being with you through a small part of your achievements and I know that you will take this current situation in your stride and come out all the stronger on the other side. SATs are not your only chance to shine and not the only way to show you are great.


If you need to talk please get in touch with me via Mrs Eadon.


All the best,


Mr Gimes


A message to all year six pupils from Mrs Greenhalgh.
Daily Task video - Monday 11th May 2020

VE Day 8th May 1945.

It has been 75 years since Victory in Europe day, for many it signalled the end of 6 years of bitter fighting both at home and abroad. Nations around the world rejoiced in the news that the war was over.

While it was not the end of the conflict there was widespread celebration across England, the link below will take you to the Imperial War Museum site in London which has loads of great reading about the celebrations and what they meant moving forward.

The speech given by Winston Churchill on VE day in 1945 is going to be repeated on BBC 1 at 3pm today.



Mr Gimes explains... dividing by a two digit number

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Hello again folks,

In this video I will remind you of the method for dividing by a two digit number.

Mr Gimes explains... dividing by a single digit

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Hello folks,

This video will remind you how to divide by a single digit.

Year 5 Multiplication video

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick guide to multiplying two digit by two digit numbers. It’s a little different to the last method we looked at but it is the next step in the multiplication journey! Let me know if there are any further difficulties.

All the best,

Mr Gimes

Message From Mrs Eadon (week 7)

Message from Mrs Eadon

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Mrs Eadon's Bear Video

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Star Wars Day

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It is International Star Wars day, as well as a massive film franchise the story and characters teach us so many values, have a watch of my video where I explore just some of the lessons that Star Wars has taught us. Feel free to jot down any more you think of for when we are together again. May the Force be with you all.

Message from Mr Gimes re Daily Task video 01.05.20


Good afternoon everyone,


I hope this message finds you well. It has been bought to my attention that the quality of the most recent video was a little below par. I am working on it now and hope to have a solution to the problem, if not I will re-release the video again for you all.


Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.


All the best,


Mr Gimes

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon

Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 6)

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Friday 1st May 2020 Daily Tasks

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Happy Birthday Captain Tom!


You are an inspiration to us all!


Best wishes,




NB How many of these questions can you get right on the CBBC Newsround quiz?

Thursday 30th April 2020 Daily Tasks

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Wednesday 29th April 2020 Daily Tasks

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Day 7 GPS Challenge Answers

Tuesday 28th April 2020 Daily Tasks

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Monday 27th April 2020 Daily Tasks

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Happy Friday everyone!!

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Music Day 3 - Apologies for the delay!

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 5)

Message from Mrs Eadon Week 5

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Message from Mr Gimes 17/04/20

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update from me. Hope you’re all well and keeping safe.

Best wishes to you and your families. See you all soon.

Mr Gimes

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message from Mrs Eadon (Week 4)

Message from Mrs Eadon Week 4

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Little Acts of Kindness from The Foxwell Family. Jess and Sebastian were pupils at Moreton Morrell School.

Little Acts of Kindness

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Message from Mr Gimes 10/04/20

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update from me. Have a great Easter weekend!

Best wishes to you and your families.

All the best,

Mr Gimes

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (Week 3)

Celebrating Difference

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Message from Mr Gimes 03/04/20

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Morning everyone,

Just a quick update from me. I hope you are all well and keeping safe!

All the best,

Mr Gimes

Day 8 Problem Solving solutions

Day 7 Line graph answers

Day 6 Volume of a Shape answers

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon

Rainbow Theme

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Message from Mr Gimes 27/03/20

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Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all keeping well. Just a quick update from me!!

All the best,

Mr Gimes

Maths answers for Day 3

Maths answers for Day 1 & 2 (apologies for the delay)

Message from Mrs Eadon

A special message to all our wonderful pupils from Mrs Eadon

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Maths Help slides Day 1-5

Good morning everyone,


I hope that you are all well and ready to begin your 10 day activities. I have added some additional resources this morning to best support you in your learning, and will post things that are of use to you.


As well as this, I will be posting the answers to any activities that need them the day after (Maths for example). In the meantime remember that you are all awesome and can absolutely smash this! I'm really looking forward to seeing this work. Make sure you take the time speak with your family - you never know where learning will strike!


Keep well!


Mr Gimes 

Self Isolation Daily Activities 20.03.20

Self Isolation Daily Activities 19.03.20

Self Isolation Daily Activities 18.03.20

Self Isolation Daily Activities 17.03.20

Homework 14.2.20 (Happy Half Term)

Homework week ending 7.2.20

Homework 31.1.2020

Enjoy getting creative!

Merry Christmas from the G4 team,


As we come to the end of a very long and learning packed term the G4 team wanted to wish you all a safe and very merry Christmas.


We have had some wonderful learning take place and all our skills have grown as a result. We cannot wait to resume our learning journey on Tuesday 7th January 2020 (Monday is a staff training day). There will be no homework over the holiday.


Best wishes for the festive season,


Mr Gimes, Mrs Aiello and Mrs Norton

Deutsche Städte

Epidemiology talk from Mr Edwards

Epidemiology talk from Mr Edwards.


On Monday morning we were delighted to welcome Mr Edwards to G4 to deliver a talk on epidemiology, and his personal hero Dr John Snow. Dr Snow was famed for solving the 1854 outbreak of cholera in London and was a renowned epidemiologist.


Mr Edwards also talked about his experience as an Environmental Health Officer and showed us how to take dip slide samples to see what grew. We were all fascinated by his talk and several members of the class are now exploring environmental health as a career.


Thank you for coming to speak to us and for inspiring so many members of the class!

Message from Mr Gimes...

Day 2 (Tuesday)

After a long trip yesterday, we were ready to begin our full on day. Not all of us were impressed by the early breakfast but bacon and sausage cheered the team up!

We started with the zip wire, where the moment of the day occurred, as James conquered his fear of heights and soared across the park to the cheers and applause of all the Year 6 pupils.


Next up we worked on our communication skills an a blind trail. Myself and Mrs Wilson provided extra challenge by finding some low hanging branches for the pupils to negotiate.


After lunch we had a go at abseiling, which Mrs Wilson and the Year 6 team smashed with confidence! (I took the photos). From there we made camp and enjoyed hot chocolate before dinner. Our final activity of the day was an evening walk through the Shropshire countryside, we even managed to squeeze in some star gazing.


Phew... that was just the first full day!



Day 3(Wednesday)

Following on from our evening walk we had a slightly later breakfast which everyone was grateful for, before we set off to the lake to go canoeing and kayaking.

We managed to stay afloat on the canoes and even manage to play Quidditch! The kayaks however proved slightly trickier, and whilst attempting to jump in the air and spin 360 degrees and land perfectly most of us fell in!! After a soggy but enjoyable walk back to the Manor we enjoyed a hearty lunch of soup before heading to the climbing wall.


Special mention goes to Oli who was reluctant at first but then climbed half way up the wall with thanks to the encouragement from his friends below. It was great to see the children belaying their classmates and guiding them up the wall. Well done team!


From there we walked to the archery range and unleashed our inner Robin Hood- well done to Florence for showing us all how to do it!!


After another enormous meal, we had  a low rope activity in the woods. The children had the opportunity to spot for their partners as well as taking part themselves. It was great to see communication skills being used and bonds of fellowship formed. Also a shout out must go to Terry the tree!!


So ended another action packed day. 


Day 4 (Thursday)

Our final full day started as ever with a hearty breakfast, all the children are going to miss that I think!


The first activity was orienteering with the children split into groups and dispatched across the site to find letters and markers. The children worked brilliantly as a team and no member was left behind. Up next, we had a nature trail through the woods, where we identified types of tress from their leaves and types of insects before making bug hotels for them. 


After lunch, we went fencing, where excellent footwork was shown across the board and we definitely saw some talented fencing skills from the group. Cassia and Charlie both faced Mr Gimes in a contest and got some excellent parries and riptoes in.


From there we headed for the underground maze, suited up with wellies and helmets with lights! The children ventured into the darkness and attempted to find their way out. Once again, there were some excellent communication skills from all. Gabriel managed to go for a complete swim in the water down there!!


After dinner we had a trip to the vending machine and then onto the field for our final session-team games!

​​​​​​​They started with a Mastermind game answering questions and running to the adults with the answers. After that our guides set up a game of cricket (I had nothing to do with it honest!!). The girls batted first and ended their innings under floodlights in true T20 fashion. Great performances from Nye with the bat and Gabriel with the ball. Special mention to Cassia and Poppy for showing great batting prowess. 


The children headed to bed with no complaints (you 're welcome parents), and slept soundly. Tomorrow we have our final two sessions and meals then we shall be packing and making our way back home... 


Best wishes,

Mr Gimes and Mrs Wilson


Year ahead resources.

Thank you to everyone who attended last night, it was great to welcome you to G4. The resources mentioned in the meeting have been added to the website, please feel free to have a look so that we may continue to support each other. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Kind regards,


Mr Gimes


Year ahead presentation

Science Space Knowledge Organiser

Cursive Letterjoin and Year 6 TAF for writing

End of Year expectations for Year 5/6 Maths

Welcome to G4!

Welcome back! I hope you have had a fantastic summer break and are ready to face the challenges and learning that await you this year. 


I am really excited to get going on this year's learning, we have some amazing learning opportunities to participate in. After the Year Ahead meeting tonight I will post a series of resources to use at home that will sit alongside our work in school, this will include the PowerPoint in case you could not make it tonight!


I look forward to working alongside you all this year.


Mr Gimes




Sebastian's Dyslexia PP

All smiles, but ready for home!

The last full day has been another active one. Laser tag, building models, bushcraft and climbing have all been happening in the glorious sunshine. The children are now enjoying an evening of disco dancing before a good nights sleep. They are all looking forward to seeing their family tomorrow.

Year 6 have had another busy day. It began with archery, laser tag in the woods and crate stack followed by an afternoon on the beach which was enjoyed by everyone. Field games and a night walk finished off our third day.

Year 6 have had a very busy day beginning with Jacob's Ladder and ending with abseiling. In between they have been developing their bouldering, orienteering and problem solving skills and finishing the day off with some great team games.

Year 6 enjoyed their first activities at Overstrand Hall after eating a hearty dinner.

Year Ahead Meeting 2018

Year 5 have made some wonderful 3D villages using their mapping skills.

G4 made a variety of burger patties then taste tested each one, deciding which one they liked best. The children then thought of ways of improving them further and tasting even better.

G4 have been learning about how the events leading up to the outbreak of World War I occurred. A visit from an 'authentic' World War I soldier  talked about life in the trenches. the children were able to try on various pieces of clothing and look closely at all the equipment a British soldier had to carry. It was a very interesting and informative for everyone.

World War I soldier arrives at Moreton Morrell Primary School

G4 have made podcasts on famous Victorians. Have a listen to find out some interesting facts about these people.

Alexander Graham Bell

Florence Nightingale

Marie Curie

Robert Peel

G4s trip to the National Space Centre.

We have had a glorious sunny day with some more challenging activities which have really pushed the children out of their comfort zone. Climbing, abseiling, assault course and a sensory trail ending with the much anticipated disco.

Another very busy day which began with the crate challenge. The children all then had a go on the giant swing, which they really enjoyed. After lunch was an archery lesson and the day finished with climbing Jacobs ladder.

Today started with zip wire in the mist followed by fencing. In the afternoon the sun came out and the children had a go at vertical challenge and canoeing. Lots of new experiences for the group which they are all taking on admirably.

All the children in Year 6 have enjoyed their first evening at PGL. They have met their 'groupie' for the week, had a good supper and then a game of 'catch the flag' in the dark. 

Year 6 have had a great day at Cotswold Wildlife Park. They saw numerous animals, learnt more about otters, penguins and meerkats from a specialist and had a lot of fun at the adventure playground.

Year Ahead Meeting Information 2017-2018

Year Ahead Meeting

G4's trip to Bosworth Battlefield

A selection of Tudor houses designed and built by Year 6.

G4 had a wonderful day at Mary Arden's Farm. The children dressed in authentic Tudor clothes and learnt how to make bread and butter, painted wall hangings, fed the the lambs and finished off the day with some Tudor dancing.

As part of our science topic on the circulatory system, the children in G4 dissected a pig's heart. It was a wonderful experience for everyone and great learning took place.

G4 have started their history topic by learning about some crimes and punishments that took place during the Tudor times. Some children have made excellent models to show how these punishments worked.

Yesterday G4 had a visit from Gregorious Manilus who was a Roman Centurian. He told us lots of interesting facts about his life and the Romans which has given us a brilliant start to our Roman Topic.

Last day at camp. What a great week we've all had.

A day of messy about on the water.

Another busy day surviving in the wild.

Year 6 have had a great day doing some high flying activities.

Welcome to G4!


G4 is taught by Mrs Sarah Thompson and Mrs Julie Aiello is the teaching assistant.

Year 6 are looking forward to their week at Hillcrest PGL camp. Regular updates will be posted so you can see what your child has been doing throughout the week. 

Year 6 have had a great first day at PGL

As part of our E-safety week, G4 have written and filmed videos for the classes in school which give a clear message about how to use the internet safely. Here are a couple of examples of their work.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

G4 had a very successful trip to Bletchley Park on Thursday 9th June. They learnt about the Enigma machine and how the codes were cracked during World War II. The children had to crack a given code and plot co-ordinates onto a map to locate German submarines. A great day was had by all.

G4s trip the Forest Hermitage to learn about Buddhism.

Radio Broadcast from WWII

Still image for this video

WWII Radio Broadcast

Still image for this video

Radio broadcast on a WWII event in the local area

Still image for this video

G4 learning how to send semaphore messages to each other.

G4 Curriculum Map Spring 2017

G4 Curriculum Map Summer Term 2016

G4 Curriculum Map Spring 2016

G4 Curriculum Map Autumn 2015

G4 had a lively debate this afternoon. The motion was: What is the best use of £9 million to benefit the people of UK. Have a look at all their suggestions. It shows how up to date they are with current affairs and the needs of the British people.

The Juniors were very lucky to have a visit from author Tony Bradman and illustrator, Tom Morgan-Jones on March 17th 2016. The lively presentation began with both men dressed in traditional Tudor costumes, although Tom was in a dress! Tony talked about how he became an author and where he got his ideas from. He read extracts from his new book 'The Boy and the Globe' whilst Tony drew portraits of the different characters from this story, including William Shakespeare. The children were then all given a lesson on how to draw a character from Tony, with very pleasing results.

Yesterday, G4 were developing their designing and technology skills by building a golf buggy and trailer to a given specification. The children all had a lot of fun, whilst learning at the same time. Finally they tested their buggies to see which would go the furthest.

G4 had a visit this afternoon from PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Tony Griffin, who gave a very informative talk on Crime Prevention. The class have learnt how to keep their house and belongings safer and were each given a UV pen to take home to mark their valuable property. The children were also lucky enough to look inside a police car.
G4 had a wonderful day out at the Black Country Living Museum on Monday 12th October. The children were historians for the day, finding out about real children who lived during Victorian times. The day included a trip down the mine, a lesson in the Victorian school as well as visits to shops and homes where facilitators, in costume, were able to explain in greater detail about life in the Black Country.

Year 6 had a wonderful week on the Isle of Wight last week. Along with fabulous weather, great food and lots of fun, the children participated in a range of activities.

Year 5 have made models of traffic lights using electrical circuits

Trip to Stratford upon Avon

G4 had a wonderful visit to Stratford on June 4th to complete their topic on William Shakespeare. The morning was full of activities which involved writing with a quill pen, shopping with shillings and pence and a visit to the vaults to see documents from this time period including an original signature of Elizabeth I. After lunch we visited Shakespeare's birthplace and Hall's Croft, which was the home of Shakespeare's daughter, Susannah. A few of the children even had time for some Shakespearean acting which we all thoroughly enjoyed. 

WANTED Headteacher for Moreton Morrell Primary School

Still image for this video
G4 have created videos to advertise for a new headteacher to start in January, when Mrs Ford leaves. We all voted and this is the winning advert.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
In between doing SATs test, G4 have been making E-Safety awareness videos for the classes in school to watch.



The Year 5s have been busy this week designing and making a vehicle using K'nex construction kit. Once the vehicles were fully constructed they were tested against each other to see how far they could go.

G4 have had their own elections today at school. Issues on education, health, immigration and the environment were raised and how we, as a class, could improve these areas for the local community. Banners, leaflets, posters as well as TV adverts were made, followed by a presentation to G3. It was a very exciting day and once everyone had cast their vote, 'The Health for Us Party 'were the clear winners. We now hope to have a 1,000 more doctors in the area as well as £20 million put towards new services in Moreton Morrell!!

Well done to everyone.