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Welcome to G2

We are a mixed age Year 1 and 2 class. Our class teacher is Miss Wells.

Mrs Clarke, Mrs Lunn and Mrs Panico are our Teaching Assistants.

May 2022: Outdoor Maths

Children in G2 enjoyed exploring fractions whilst working in our woodland school this week. They used natural resources to find different fractions of shapes. This was a great way to demonstrate their skills and understanding whilst enjoying the fresh air and experiencing our natural environment at the same time. 

We stand with Ukraine

On Friday 1st April children participated in a non-uniform day to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people and raise funds to support their cause. This fundraising event had been suggested by the upper junior children and this really helped the infant children develop their awareness of the heartbreaking events unfolding in Ukraine. The children engaged in incredibly sensible discussions about their understanding of the news and listened attentively to the thoughts of others, which helped develop their understanding further. Children are aware of the importance of individual freedom and know that the people of Ukraine are suffering greatly. Children recognise how lucky they are to live in a safe country and how important it is to reach out to those in need. As the world stands with Ukraine, emerging stories of support offer some hope. We have learned about Ukrainian refugees being welcomed into other countries including the UK, including Ukrainian children starting in British schools. We discussed the importance of embracing the opportunity to welcome and support those in need.      

April 2022: Welcoming new furry friends to encourage positive wellbeing

Children have enjoyed spending time with our newest members of the class recently - our therapy pets. These pets have been well received by everyone in class as they help create a calming influence for children. The pets appear to breathe and so when they placed on a lap and stroked they can really help encourage a calm mindset and aid concentration. The pets are incredibly lifelike and tactile. They are made from soft, realistic fur and they weigh a similar weight to a real animal. Children have displayed an incredibly sensible and mature attitude when interacting with the pets and clearly have enjoyed the sense of companionship which they provide. Rosie W said "I wish I could adopt the brown pup". Seb explained "The pets help us learn because they make us feel calm".    

Charlie and our class pug

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April 2022: Building our colour mixing skills in Art...

During the Spring term, we have used paint to explore colour mixing. We practised mixing primary colours to create secondary colours. Children demonstrated their learning by creating their own colour wheels. Children learned how to create tints by adding white to a colour and shades by adding black. Children also had a go at mixing grey and adding this to a colour to create different tones. Children enjoyed using their new skills to create Easter cards to send to their families. Children discussed the impact of this topic on their learning. Iona said "I didn't know that blue was a primary colour". Hugo stated "I have learned what shading is and how to shade. Shading is when you add black to a colour and it becomes darker".  

April 2022: Getting practical in Maths!

As part of our Maths learning, children enjoyed working collaboratively to create a variety of 3d shapes. They thought carefully about the properties of 3d shapes and it was great to hear children using mathematical vocabulary including vertices, edges and faces when describing the shapes they had created! Children applied their problem-solving skills when discussing how to create shapes using marshmallows and cocktail sticks and showed a good understanding of why certain shapes could not be created using these materials.       

March 2022: Using our geographical skills to learn about the importance of Fairtrade

As part of our Topic learning all about the weather and seasons, we have been exploring hot and cold areas of the world. We used maps of the world to identify different climatic regions. In a later lesson, children developed their understanding of the concept Fairtrade. We used a political world map to identify countries which produce some of the food we buy in our supermarkets. Children compared the political map with the map showing climatic regions to identify the types of climates in which these products were produced.

March 2022: Visit to the Church of the Holy Cross

The children in G2 were very excited to receive an invitation from Rev. Lynda to visit the local Church, as part of our current RE learning all about Judaism. It was a beautiful, sunny morning when we departed school and took the short walk up the hill to reach Church. Once we arrived, Rev. Lynda welcomed us warmly and the children found it fascinating to explore some of the special artefacts and symbols inside the Church. Rev. Lynda taught us about why the Torah is so special for Jews and also explained some similarities between Judaism and Christianity. The children were enthusiastic to make their own Torah scrolls too, which they were able to take home. The children were exceptional role models for the school in the way they conducted themselves and were excited when Rev. Lynda invited us to come back for another visit soon! Once back in school, the children were keen to write letters to Rev. Lynda to thank her for our visit and share some of the new things they had learned. Rosie C said "I did not realise that Jesus was a Jew". Harrison said "I loved listening to Rev. Lynda and there were lots of buttercups in the church yard - that was my favourite time of the visit".    


March 2022: World Book Day

Children have enjoyed participating in World Book Day today and loved the opportunity to showcase their costumes! We discussed our favourite characters and described them using interesting vocabulary. We chatted about what reading means to us and why reading matters. 

Happy World Book Day!

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December 2021: Becoming paleontologists

We have learnt so much about dinosaurs this term as part of our topic, Dinosaur Planet. We have developed our knowledge and also our skills. We understand that much can be learnt from the discovery of fossils. Many different examples of dinosaur fossils have been found, all around the world, including coprolites (fossilised dinosaur poo). We became paleontologists recently when we investigated some coprolites ourselves... By looking at the samples, we found evidence of the diet of different dinosaurs and could identify whether specific samples belonged to herbivores, carnivores or omnivores! The samples which contained plants suggested that these examples belonged to herbivores. The samples which contained 'meat' (which smelled suspiciously like strawberry laces!) led us to believe that these examples belonged to carnivores and the samples which contained both plants and meat were that of omnivores!   

December 2021: Exploring animals in Science

In Science this term we have been exploring animals. We have investigated different animal groups including mammals, reptiles and birds. We have also learnt more about the specific characteristics of different animals. We had fun creating models of iguanas, crocodiles and frogs using play-doh, thinking carefully about the different animal features.  

July 2021: Exploring the village ...

As part of our topic all about the local area, G2 took to the streets to find out more about the village in which our school is situated. Children followed maps to help them navigate their way around. They also worked hard to identify different features and landmarks and thought about whether these could be classified as human or physical. The children were shining role models for our school - they listened carefully to instructions, walked safely and sensibly around the village - crossing several roads - and collaborated well with their partners. 


Well done G2!

June 2021: We have been busy...

Children have returned to school for the final half term of the school year full of energy and enthusiasm to learn. We have had a very busy fortnight working hard on our learning.


In Maths, we have explored division by sharing and grouping. Year 1 children enjoyed practising their ‘sharing’ outside on the playground. Year 2 children explored how division can involve both sharing and grouping and applied their knowledge to different mathematical problems. 


In Reading Club, Year 1 children are enjoying the book Beegu, by Alexis Deacon. Children have been developing their ability to make predictions and draw inferences using evidence from the story so far. Year 2 children have began to explore the text The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams. They used dictionaries to help them build their understanding of the meaning of new vocabulary. 


In Science, children have continued to learn about habitats. They have investigated global habitats this week and thought about how plants and animals are suited to particular environments. They discussed their ideas with their peers and obtained information from texts and videos to help inform their opinions. 


In Wellbeing, children have continued to consider the importance of developing a growth mindset. We recognised the need to challenge ourselves and not give up and in doing so, we can help our brains to grow and take steps towards achieving our goals. Children shared their aspirations for the future. This included children who hope to become hairdressers, environmentalists, baristas, vets, postal workers, a DJ and palaeontologists to name a few! Annabelle concluded our discussion by exclaiming her desire “to be kind,” when she grows up. I believe that in sharing this thought with the class, she has shown a great deal of kindness already. 

January 2021: We Are All Born Free - UDHR


Children have embarked on the new term with a fabulous hard-working attitude, whether they are learning in school or from home. We have recently began to explore the book We Are All Born Free. The book celebrates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) through its beautiful illustrations. It has enabled us to begin to understand the importance of human rights for all. Children have also considered the importance of not only recognising our rights but also our responsibilities. Children chose one of the thirty articles set out in the UDHR and represented their ideas and thoughts through their drawings. Have a look at their creations below.  

December 2020: Great Fire of London Topic Day


This week children enjoyed experiencing a variety of activities as part of our Great Fire of London Topic Day. Children dressed up in fabulous costumes based on the historical period in which the Great Fire took place. They all looked amazing - we even had a baker, a plague doctor and King Charles II!

Children began their day trying hard to fight the great fire using leather buckets, water squirts and fire hooks! When this proved unsuccessful, they blew up the houses using gunpowder to create a fire break!

Later on, children explored interactive games, books and videos using the iPads. They even had a go at a Great Fire of London quiz to test their knowledge! After break, children made the exciting discovery of Samuel Pepys' precious belongings, which he buried during the fire, as a way to try to save his most treasured possessions. We discovered his wine and cheese ... in our very own school field! Children also enjoyed sampling the wine and cheese for themselves! Interestingly, the wine appeared to resemble blackcurrant squash...

After lunch, children had a go at baking their very own Great Fire of London buns. They worked hard in groups to measure out the ingredients carefully and distribute jobs - teachers observed super team work!

The day provided an enjoyable and hopefully memorable experience during which children enjoyed celebrating their understanding of a historic event.

Great fun was had by all. Well done G2 - you were fantastic!   

Fighting the fire using water squirts and leather buckets!

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Fire, fire!

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Discovering Samuel Pepys' wine and cheese!

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Sending Christmas Wishes to All


Greeting from G2. We would like to send our best wishes for the festive season to all the Moreton Morrell pupils, their families and all those in our extended community. 

Please have a look at our Christmas cards below - the children really did work hard and I hope they feel proud of their fabulous efforts. Miss Wells 😊

November 2020: Powerful reflection, deep thinking...


Children have continued to develop their understanding of the events of World War One this week. They have explored the roles of both men and women in the war and how the onset of the war changed traditional attitudes towards women. Children have listened to the diary of British soldier, Walter Bush and explored a variety of videos and visuals. This has inspired children to write their own diaries. It has also encouraged children to reflect on such a monumental, historical event and ask their own questions, deepening their understanding and moving their learning forward. 


Jack asked ‘How did the soldiers record their thoughts in their diaries? What did they write with?’ He also wondered... ‘How did the soldiers shave? What were their razors like?’


Matilda asked ‘What was no man’s land?’


Oliver wondered 'Why did countries go to war in the first place? What caused the First World War?'


Jacob asked 'What caused the Second World War?'


Children enjoyed sharing their ideas and exploring the answers to these questions and more ... I felt so proud of the mature and respectful manner in which they discussed this significant historical period.


Follow the link below to listen to the diary of the British soldier, Walter Bush:


Follow the link below to use an interactive resource to find out more about life in the trenches in World War One. Children found this resource an interesting way to learn about trench life and were keen to have another look at it at home.

November 2020: Time to reflect...


Today children enjoyed reflecting on their learning in G2 so far. They looked through their learning journals and enjoyed discussing pieces of work which they were proud of and other examples of tasks which they felt they could improve in some way. It was a lovely opportunity for the children to recognise how far they have come in such a short space of time. We discussed the importance of celebrating our successes and also recognising ways to improve our work as making mistakes and getting things wrong is an important part of learning. We hope you enjoy looking through the pictures below.



November 2020: Remembrance


This week we have been exploring the significance of Remembrance. Children shared their thoughts about what the symbol of the poppy means to them. We recognise how important it is to remember the millions of individuals who have lost their lives during war and all those affected by conflict. Children created their own watercolour poppy paintings as a symbol of Remembrance to help us reflect ourselves as well as hopefully encouraging others to do the same. 


We will remember them. 

Year 2: Please see the Maths video below to support you with your homework this week (9.10.20)

Adding ones by drawing numberlines

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Summer Resources

Daily videos - to begin 06.07.20
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Miss Wells’ Daily Videos (week beginning 8.6.20)
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Home learning activities (to begin 1.6.20)

Miss Wells’ Daily Videos (week beginning 25.5.20)

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon

Message From Mrs Eadon (week 9)

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Miss Wells’ Daily Videos (week beginning 18.5.20)

Miss Wells’ Daily Videos (week beginning 11.5.20)

Miss Wells' Daily Videos (week beginning 4.5.20)

Good Morning Message From Mrs Eadon

Message From Mrs Eadon (week 7)

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Mrs Eadon's Bear Video

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75th Anniversary of VE Day - Friday 8th May

As we approach the 75th anniversary of VE Day, we are encouraging families to come together to mark this important occasion. Have a go at creating your own VE Day bunting and once you have displayed your creations, why not send in photos for our newsletter?  



Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon 

Message From Mrs Eadon (week 6)

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Miss Wells' Daily Videos (week beginning 27.4.20)

Message from Miss Wells (week 5)

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Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (week 5)

Message from Mrs Eadon

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Message from Miss Wells (week 4)

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Home learning activities (to begin 20.4.20)

Day 6

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Day 6 Addition and subtraction strategies (part 1)

Day 6

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Day 6 Addition and subtraction strategies (part 2)

Day 9

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Day 9 Conversational French

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (week 4)

Message From Mrs Eadon

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Little Acts of Kindness From The Foxwell Family. Jess and Sebastian were pupils at Moreton Morrell School.

Little Acts of Kindness

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Message from Miss Wells (week 3)

Happy Easter to you all 🐣

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Making music!

Check out the link below for some really catchy tunes to sing along to - there’s a song for each day of the week! You might start each day with a cheery tune or have a sing along in between doing your learning tasks throughout the day! Enjoy!




The creators of The Gruffalo - Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler - have produced these super cartoons to remind us of how to stay safe during this time.

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (week 3)

Celebrating Difference

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Message from Miss Wells (week 2)

Sending best wishes 🌈

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Home learning activities (to begin 6.4.20)

Dear Families, 

I hope you have all had a calm week. Please see below the details of the home learning activities for the next two weeks, commencing Monday 6th April. 

I echo Mrs Eadon’s reminder that this plan is for you to use as a guide and is intended to support you as you work with your child on their learning at home. Please do not feel under pressure to complete all tasks. You will know what works for you and your child. In any case, you may well have other activities planned for your family over the Easter period. 

Within this ten day plan, I have included activities based on topics we would have been exploring if we were in school, such as plants in Science. Before the school closure, Year 2 children were reading the story The Velveteen Rabbit. Keep an eye out for the two tasks linked to this text as we were quite close to the end of the story and I’m sure children will be keen to find out what happens! 

You will notice that some tasks have been split into specific jobs for Y1 pupils and Y2 pupils. Importantly, this is just a guide. It is key that children choose a challenge that is appropriate to them and their current attainment, particularly in Maths. If your child is in Y2, please don’t feel that you can’t explore Y1 tasks.

Finally, as the ten day plan includes various online links, I’ve tried to ensure the links can be accessed successfully - they all appear to work as long as you copy and paste them into a new tab, rather than clicking on them directly. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any issues. 

Thank you all for your hard work and support during this time. 

Kind regards, Miss Wells 

Be Kind - A beautiful book by Pat Zietlow Miller

Good Morning Moreton Morrell Message From Mrs Eadon (week 2)

Rainbow Theme

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Greetings from Miss Wells (week 1)

Sending warm wishes to you all - keep smiling 😊

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Message from Mrs Eadon 

A special message to all our wonderful pupils from Mrs Eadon (week 1)

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Home learning activities (to begin 23.3.20)

Please complete the assigned tasks each day. Please also regularly log on to the Mathletics website and complete assigned tasks. Keep checking out the class page of the website for regular updates. Wishing you all the very best during this uncertain time.

Many thanks for your continued support. 

Miss Wells 



Friday 20th March: Activities for self-isolating children

Please complete at least one of the Literacy tasks (ensuring you choose a task that it suitably challenging), as well as the Maths and Topic tasks.


Overview of tasks

Literacy task 1 - Practise recognising the ow and ou graphemes. Read through the powerpoint. Create at least three sentences using these words.

Literacy task 2 - Can you complete the sentences using the correct conjunction?

Maths - Please head to the mathletics website and complete your assigned tasks (it is back up and running!)

Topic - Use the mindmap that you created yesterday to write a paragraph about what you know about Hurricane Katrina.

You might use short headings such as What? When? Where? Remember to write in full sentences. 

Thursday 19th March: Activities for self-isolating children

Please try to complete at least one Literacy task as well as the Maths and Topic tasks. 

When selecting your Literacy task, try to choose an activity that offers an appropriate level of challenge. 


Overview of activities

Literacy task 1 - Reading comprehension

Literacy task 2 - Spot the mistakes (common exception word challenge)

Literacy task 3 - Phonics activity

Maths - Statistics 

Topic - Researching Hurricane Katrina, as part of our Weather and Seasons learning (completion of this task will help with future Topic learning)

Wednesday 18th March: Activities for self-isolating children

Please see the list below of activities for those children working from home.

Try to complete the Literacy letter writing task and the Maths statistics challenge as a minimum. Remember, sheets do not need to be printed out. Children may instead record their responses directly onto paper at home and bring these into school on their return.


Overview of today's activities

Literacy - In class, chidlren have explored the tale The Snow Queen. For this task, children must write a letter to the Snow Queen to try and find out more about her and the reasons for her behaviour. Please see the documents below for a possible proforma that children may use for their letter and also examples of questions that they might include in their letter (these were generated by children in class).


Maths - Children should look at the data in document 1 (a list of weather observations made over a period of days). For this task, children need to present this data in a tally chart (Maths document 2) and then a block diagram (Maths document 3) to help children understand that data can be presented in different ways. 


Topic - Children should read the text all about fairtrade and respond to the questions. 

Tuesday 17th March: Activities for self-isolating children

As we have some children who are unable to attend school at the moment, please use the links below to access today's online learning. Try to complete at least 2 Literacy activities, 2 Maths activities and a Topic activity (some documents are more than one page long - there is no obligation to complete all of the pages!) 


Overview of today's activities

Literacy 1 - Phonics sheet based on different oa sounds

Literacy 2 - Phonics sheet based on the grapheme u-e

Literacy 3 - A story retell of The Snow Queen (we have read this story in school)

Maths 1 - Exploring rows and columns 

Maths 2 - Practising number bonds to 10 (2 numbers that are added together to make 10)

Maths 3 - Practising bonds to 20

Maths 4 - Practising bonds to 10, 20 and 100

Topic 1 - A reading comprehension and questions all about the seasons

Topic 2 - Instructions for making a pinwheel (enjoy using it to see how strong the wind is!)

March 2020: Communication from the artist Rachel Dein!


As you will remember, last term children made their own fossilised foliage. This artwork was inspired by the artist Rachel Dein. I am excited to share with you that Rachel has been in touch with us and was very impressed by the children's efforts! Please see the message below to find out what she had to say: 

Congratulations to the children for their artistic efforts! It's really lovely to know my work inspired the art lessons in your class. I think it's a great way to teach casting and looking at plants in another way and even talk about fossils. This is a proud moment in my artistic career! The team at Hidcote Gardens (the location of my current exhibition) was also chuffed to get your message.

Best wishes,

G2 Homework: Friday 28th February 2020

February 2020: Fossilised foliage


This week children have been exploring the artist Rachel Dein. 

Dein captures fleeting moments of nature's glory through a process that involves plaster casting a variety of flowers. The children have had fun making their own fossilised foliage to capture winter, created in the style of the work of Rachel Dein.

February 2020: Our finished fossilised foliage!

Still image for this video
Watch the video above to see Jamie expertly extract his finished work of art from the clay mould.

February 2020: Fossilised foliage - our finished works of art!

February 2020: Fossilised foliage - the process

January 2020: Bar Models 


In Maths this week the children in Year 1 have been practising their number bonds to 10. They used bar models (see pictures below) to help them visualise their number bonds. 

Well done Year 1! 

January 2020: Bar models in Maths

January 2020: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn...


We have continued to explore seasonal changes as part of our topic learning this week. We thought about how the weather varies during the different seasons and how this influences our lives. Some children designed washing lines and filled them with clothes that were suitable for a particualr season. They also created a background to their pictures using chalk pastels making sure the colours and details suited the specific season.

Other children dressed a chosen figure in a variety of clothes suitable for different seasons of the year. They also created trees to match each season. 




G2 Homework 24.1.20

January 2020 - An unusual sighting ...


Last week the children in G2 were excited to receive a letter from our school caretaker, Mr Cleeton. He had written to us after he saw something strange out on the field one misty morning ... He explained that he may have spotted a rabbit and wanted G2 to advise him with how to care for it should he spot it again! G2 got right on the case and headed out to the playground to look for clues ... Sure enough they spotted some unusual items themselves (see pictures below) and are now keen to help Mr Cleeton care for our new visitor! The children have decided to write non-chronological reports full of rabbit facts and share them with Mr Cleeton. We were also lucky enough to receive a visitor to our classroom this week when Miss Clarke brought in her own rabbit, Rocket, and told us all about how she cares for him. The children learnt lots of new facts which they hope to include in their written reports. 

Out looking for clues and a special visit from Rocket!

Autumn term 2019 - All about India!


The children have had their heads deep in books this term asking and answering questions all about India! They came up with some well-considered questions based on the books they explored. The children also enjoyed creating their own Indian inspired artwork. The children worked in pairs and demonstrated excellent team work. I was particularly impressed with how the children discussed their ideas and made decisions together about the patterns they hoped to create. Great effort! 

India... What do I know? What do I hope to find out?

Autumn term 2019 - Senses in Science!


In Science the children in G2 have been busy exploring their five senses! They enjoyed tasting different foods and used exciting adjectives to describe what they tasted!


They also enjoyed smelling a selection of secret scents and had fun trying to guess the smell! Much fun was had by all!

Sense of taste