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The school has always maintained close ties with the Church of the Holy Cross, from its founding in 1874 as a Voluntary Aided Church School through to its current status as a Foundation School with a religious character.


The children visit  the church regularly and several special school services are held there during the year – Harvest Festival, Christmas Carols, Easter and Leavers Service.   John Parker, was our parish vicar and visited the school each fortnight to lead collective worship.  In Religious Education we often use the church as a resource for learning, and again, John supported the children’s learning about Christianity, whether it is asking questions about the Bible, or finding out about the parts of the Church building. However, we are currently without a vicar as John has moved to Sheffield to look after his elderly parents. Despite the absence of a vicar, we still use the church on a regular basis and our services are now led by the children.


Recently we held an Art Exhibition in Church to commemorate the armistice. This was a wonderful event which was attended by many of our local community. 

Religious Education- An Entitlement Document